BAM Annual Appeal

Two visitors sit on stools, side-by-side, in the foreground, facing a large sculptural installation in the background. The sculptures include a large wooden boat, suspended on its side from the ceiling, with a thick braid of multi-colored fabric trailing down from the boat and pooling on the floor.Like many of you, I have really missed going to museums. Until last year, I was routinely visiting art museums throughout the U.S. We have all been longing to be together with people, among great art, engaging in stimulating experiences for our minds and souls.

BAM has a crucial role to play in our community’s recovery and healing. We want to be a place everyone feels safe, valued, and supported during a crisis and in the best of times. It is my hope that you continue to feel welcome and safe to come engage your senses and your mind in a way that is joyful and deeply therapeutic.

I would be grateful for your support as we continue the long-term process of rebuilding from the devastating impacts of the pandemic, while practicing empathy for everyone in our community, especially those who have been sick or who have lost loved ones. We are all looking for moments of relief and solace amidst enduring losses. Engaging with artwork at the Boise Art Museum is an effective way to be present, to connect with ideas outside ourselves, and to ease anxiety and stress.

BAM will continue to be with you through these hardships, every step of the way, restoring hope for a new horizon with art as a powerful mechanism for healing together. Thank you for your contribution today that helps us continue to innovate to make the Museum accessible, meaningful, and beneficial for everyone.

With gratitude,

Melanie Fales
Executive Director/CEO

with a year-end charitable gift
to our Annual Fund

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