BAM Annual Appeal

Did you know that the Boise Art Museum presents an average of 15 new art exhibitions each year?  These original works of art make it possible for us to provide unparalleled visual arts education and immersive encounters for tens of thousands of children and adults.  Today, I am asking for your additional support to make these visual arts experiences possible.  When you give to BAM, together we create a community that encourages learning and prizes creativity.

As your art museum, we are committed to leading innovation and excellence by connecting you with the best of the visual arts, from emerging artists to iconic masters.  We are looking forward to the year ahead and are excited to reveal a selection of exhibitions designed to appeal to people of all ages with a broad range of interests.

By contributing to Boise Art Museum’s Annual Fund today, you invest in a culture of integrity and respect for diversity, artistic risk-taking, and discovery. You are supporting the ideal that visual art changes lives and provides a safe avenue for discussing ideas and issues we explore as humans. Thank you for celebrating the visual arts at a time in our society that calls for it the most.

Melanie Fales
Executive Director