BAM Annual Appeal

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I imagine you can recall a time when the arts changed your perspective, sparked a question, or quickened your heartbeat; a moment when the arts moved you to empathy or to take action for the greater good.  I can too, and that’s why I am asking for your support for BAM today.

Growing up in rural Idaho, community arts resources were scarce, so my parents invested in a set of art history books for me.  The images of artwork allowed me to dream about life beyond my small community and helped to shape my future by inspiring me to focus on sharing art as my life’s quest.  Looking back, I realize that it was a pure matter of chance that I was born to parents who sacrificed because they believed it was important to support my artistic development.  This has fueled my commitment to creating exceptional visual arts experiences to our greatest capacity at BAM so that everyone has a catalyst to imagine and dream.

BAM opens the doors to the greater world of art.  At all stages of life, people connect more deeply by having art encounters here that encourage them to imagine, learn, and acquire a love of the arts.

By contributing to Boise Art Museum’s Annual Fund today, you invest in all of us and the ideals that we hold most dear as human beings.  When you give, you help BAM ensure that everyone has an opportunity to expand their horizons so that we can all imagine a world of possibilities.

Melanie Fales
Executive Director

P.S. Consider making a contribution as a holiday gift to the special people in your life. BAM will prepare a certificate for you to present to the recipient.