BAM awarded national re-accreditation by American Association of Museums

BOISE – In December 2007 Boise Art Museum (BAM) received an award of
re-accreditation from the American Association of Museums (AAM). A letter to BAM
from Dr. Ford W. Bell, President, AAM, states, “Through your participation in the
accreditation process, you demonstrate that you, your staff, and trustees are publicly
committed to upholding and sustaining the highest standards and practices in the
museum community. You are a leader in the field in providing the best possible
museum services and experiences, reminding both your peers and the public exactly
how much museums really matter to communities.”
BAM’s re-accreditation coordinator Melanie Fales, then Interim Executive Director and
Curator of Education, assisted by Erin Kennedy, Development Director, administered
and led the demanding multi-year process and completed the AAM self-study in 2007,
followed by a peer site review in June 2007. “We worked for more than a year
alongside staff and board to ensure and document that BAM met or exceeded all of the
professional requirements set forth by AAM for re-accreditation for another ten-year
term,” said Fales.
BAM was awarded its initial AAM accreditation in 1988 with subsequent re-accreditation
in 1996. Continued accreditation with the American Association of Museums assures
that BAM adheres to national professional standards. Boise Art Museum is the only
AAM accredited collecting art museum in the state of Idaho, and one of only 325
accredited art museums in the nation.