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BAM offers a unique opportunity to support the Museum’s Permanent Collection while gaining insight into the visual arts with like-minded individuals. Members learn about the ever-changing world of art and meet new friends.

BAM members at the Advocate level ($125) and above are eligible to join Collectors Forum (CF). BAM offers three membership options–Contemporary Art Circle, Northwest Art Circle, and American Art Circle–each of which supports BAM’s Permanent Collection in a unique way. Annual dues range from $400-$800 for individuals and $800-$1600 for couples. Details» Dues directly support BAM’s Permanent Collection and CF programs/events. Members gather for exclusive programs each year, from artist lectures to exhibition previews, as well as an annual social event.

Support what you love, while having fun, learning, and building a unique community asset!
If you are interested in joining, please contact BAM’s Membership Coordinator, Rebecca Mulberry, at 208-345-8330 ext. 115.

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IMAGE: Deborah Butterfield, Democrat, 1995, found steel. Purchased in 1997 with CF Acquisition Funds, BAM Acquisition Funds, and Private Donations.