Io Palmer: Desired Interruptions

Artist Io Palmer’s desire to address social concerns drives her art.  The exhibition Desired Interruptions is comprised of artwork inspired by material culture and systems of control. Palmer explores the arbitrary and abstract construct of borders that are connected to a general sense of personal and cultural boundaries, in both physical and metaphoric ways. The slow,...

Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines is the fourth and final exhibition inspired by Boise Art Museum’s Art Cards, a project designed to encourage engagement with artworks in BAM’s Permanent Collection. Based on the Art Card deck True Colors, this exhibition explores the ways in which artists employ the elements of art and principles of design to convey mood, provoke emotional responses, and communicate with viewers.


BAM UNPACKED for kids: Mixed-Media Masterpieces

Displayed in BAM’s ARTexperience Gallery, a space designed for children and families, the exhibition highlights a selection of artworks, featuring the use of non-traditional media in surprising and creative ways. One of the most important and personal decisions an artist makes when creating an artwork is the choice of medium. The medium is crucial to….