Felix Gonzalez-Torres: “Untitled” (L.A.)

Felix Gonzalez-Torres was known for his minimalist, often conceptual, installations and sculptures that assembled quantities of a common object, such as a string of lights, stack of paper, or individually wrapped candy, to convey complex meaning and encourage audience participation. Through the manner of displaying the artwork, along with the process of the viewer’s participation, each work became a metaphor for loss and healing, as seen in light bulbs that expire and are replaced, or as papers or candies are taken by visitors and replenished by the art museum. This cycle of depletion and renewal over time is key to the visitor’s experience with, and understanding of, Gonzalez-Torres’s creative practice.


Jacob Hashimoto: Fractured Giants

Using sculpture, painting, and installation, Jacob Hashimoto creates complex worlds from a range of modular components—bamboo-and-paper kites, model boats, and even Astro-turf-covered blocks. His layered compositions reference video games, virtual environments, and cosmology, while also being deeply rooted in art-historical traditions….


Willem Volkersz: The View From Here

Montana-based artist Willem Volkersz (b. 1939) is a significant contemporary artist known for his neon and paint-by-number installations. He was a pioneer in the use of neon in art and developed early and sustaining loves for photography, travel, American roadside culture, Pop Art, and Folk and Visionary Art.


Re-Framed: American Life, Legacy, and Ideals

Re-Framed examines the notion of a shared American identity while recognizing the complexity of factors that determine each person’s cultural and social viewpoints. Featuring many never before shown artworks from the Permanent Collection, Re-Framed presents a multiplicity of artists who offer meaningful insights….


BAM UNPACKED for kids: Mixed-Media Masterpieces

Displayed in BAM’s ARTexperience Gallery, a space designed for children and families, the exhibition highlights a selection of artworks, featuring the use of non-traditional media in surprising and creative ways. One of the most important and personal decisions an artist makes when creating an artwork is the choice of medium. The medium is crucial to….


Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines is the fourth and final exhibition inspired by Boise Art Museum’s Art Cards, a project designed to encourage engagement with artworks in BAM’s Permanent Collection. Based on the Art Card deck True Colors, this exhibition explores the ways in which artists employ the elements of art and principles of design to convey mood, provoke emotional responses, and communicate with viewers.


Touring Exhibition

This life-size painting depicts a realistic portrait of a Chicana woman looking down at us, shown from the knees up, in a black strapless dress with a black shawl draped over her forearms. She is wearing dangling earrings, bracelets and rings, and the A-line skirt of her dress is embellished with a pattern of blue dots. Her arms are crossed and she is standing in a field with green plants beside her. The dramatic, orange-and-brown sky and clouds in the background fill most of the canvas behind and around her.

Ideas about the American West, both in the popular imagination and in commonly accepted historical narratives, are often based on a past that never was, and fail to take into account important events that actually occurred.  Many Wests: Artists Shape an American Idea offers multiple views of “The West” through the perspectives of forty-eight modern and contemporary artists.  Read More >>

Many Wests features artwork from the permanent collections of the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., and four partner museums: Boise Art Museum in Idaho; the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene, Oregon; the Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City; and the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham, Washington.

Tour Schedule
Boise Art Museum | July 31, 2021 – February 13, 2022
Whatcom Museum | March 19, 2022 – August 21, 2022
Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art | September 26, 2022 – December 31, 2022
Utah Museum of Fine Arts | February 4, 2023 – June 11, 2023
Smithsonian American Art Museum | July 28, 2023 – January 14, 2024

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