Boise Art Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational, and charitable organization, nationally accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. As such, it must adhere to all laws, regulations and standards governing art museums and their professional practices. The museum may not endorse specific services or companies and is prohibited from providing appraisals and authentications.

I need to have a work of art framed. Can you recommend someone?

Many companies in our area mat and frame. Some practice the most current conservation methods available. Be sure to request the level of care you want. The American Institute for Conservation can tell you what kinds of questions to ask. Visit for more information.

I need to move a large painting or sculpture. How do I do it?

There are a limited number of companies that specialize in fine art handling and shipping locally and nationwide. For crating or shipping in Boise and the region, contact (208) 639-8621, or (208)322-9459. For crating or shipping outside the region, you can try,,, and

I have an artwork that needs to be cleaned. Who should I call?

Information on selecting a conservator is available on the American Institute for Conservation web site at

May I talk to a curator?

BAM has a very small staff, and museum professionals are often heavily scheduled or away from the Museum. When seeking to speak to a museum employee in person, an appointment is absolutely necessary.  A list of staff e-mail addresses is listed here

Does the Museum buy art?

The Museum adheres to its collecting mission and policies when acquiring artwork from reputable dealers and artists. BAM largely relies on the generosity of donors to continue to build the Permanent Collection. Please send a photograph with a letter about the object you wish to donate including information about how the piece was acquired. Please do not bring the work of art to the Museum unless you have made an appointment with the Curator of Art to do so.

How do I donate an artwork to the Museum?

We appreciate the generosity of our donors and review every artwork to determine that it fits our collecting mission and policies. Please e-mail a photograph and a description of the work and how it was acquired to Nicole Herden, Curator of Art, You can also mail these materials to:
Boise Art Museum
670 Julia Davis Drive
Boise, Idaho 83702
Attn: Nicole Herden

I am an artist. Would BAM consider me for a solo exhibition?

While solo exhibitions are small in number, artists are encouraged to send formal proposals including images of portfolios, artist statement, résumé including exhibition history, and artist bio to Nicole Herden, Curator of Art, You can also mail these materials to:
Boise Art Museum
670 Julia Davis Drive
Boise, Idaho 83702
Attn: Nicole Herden

Where can I learn more about a specific artist or type of art?

You can research artists and art in many different ways. Start your search online at a site like or You should also search your local library – librarians are great at getting hard-to-find information. The Boise Public Library’s librarians offer online assistance at Additionally, the Boise State University reference department is a good resource, or use their librarians’ Ask Us form at For information about outdoor art in Boise, visit The Boise Art Museum store has many publications available on the topic of art and artists.

I found a painting in my grandmother’s house. Is it real? What’s it worth?

As required by law, regulation and national standards, BAM is prohibited from performing authentications, valuations, or appraisals. You can find a certified appraiser at or An auction resource like Christie’s or Sotheby’s or even an online auction site like or can help you learn more about the value of your object. For a donation to BAM, the donor is responsible for securing and paying for appraisals and furnishing this information to the appropriate government entities.