ArtReach Checklist

Before the Visit, Please

  • Do the Pre-Visit Activity: ART TALK.
  • Let the students know an educator from the Boise Art Museum will be visiting the classroom.
  • Make large nametags for the students with their first names only and have students wear them during the visit.

An ArtReach Educator will contact you prior to the visit to discuss ways in which the experience can be tailored to your classroom curricula.

During the Visit, Please Provide

  • Your normal classroom discipline.
  • 90 uninterrupted minutes for the program.
  • An electric power source, projection screen (or paper-covered wall), space for discussion and a hands-on activity.
  • The nametags on a visible place on the students.

After the Visit, Please

  • Complete and send in the evaluation card that you will receive from the ArtReach educator. Your comments are important in helping us tailor our programs to suit your needs.
  • Do the enclosed Make It! activity.
  • Consider using related ideas listed in Curricular Connections.

Thank you for participating in the ArtReach program!