• Our goal is to make Art in the Park a successful event for everyone. There are multiple considerations in the placement of artists. We endeavor to provide consistency from year to year for shoppers, with a layout that displays a variety of media throughout the park. Holding the event in Julia Davis Park requires adjustments based on the city’s changes to park structures and landscaping. While we will do our best to accommodate artists’ preferences, we cannot guarantee requests will be granted.

    There have been changes to areas of the layout from previous years. Please look carefully at the new Booth Map before making your selection. Booth numbers have changed.

    If you have specific needs or concerns, please contact Andrea Burke, BAM Event Coordinator before the deadline, Wednesday, June 7, 2023, at or (208) 345-8330 ext. 114.

    View Booth Map (opens in new tab)

    The deadline to submit your booth preference and payment is Wednesday, June 7, 2023. If we do not receive your payment by this date, your participation will be considered revoked and your place will be offered to the next artist on the waiting list. We will email booth assignments by the end of the day on Tuesday, June 27, 2023. We will not be providing booth assignments prior to that date.
  • Booth Preference

  • Please complete this form to indicate your three booth choices and their corresponding zones.

    View the 2023 AIP Booth Map to identify your preferred locations, then enter the booth number and select the corresponding zone letter for each of your top three choices. Each of your three booth choices must be in a different zone. For example, if your first choice is Booth 9 in Zone A, neither your second nor your third booth choices may be in Zone A.

    Please enter only one booth number in each field, unless you are requesting a double booth* (see below). Please do not provide a range of numbers or any additional comments/information.

    *Requesting a Double Booth? (optional) We have a limited number of double-booth spaces each year. If you would like a double booth, please list two consecutive booth numbers for each of your three booth choices (Example: 101-102). You will pay for only one booth at this time. We will notify you if we are able to offer you a second booth, and, at that time, we will ask for payment for the second booth.
  • Requesting a Neighbor? (optional)
    If you and another participating artist would like to be neighbors, collaborate on your three booth preference choices, so they are each next to each other on the map (for example, for Choice 1, if you would like booth 40, the other artist should enter 39 or 41; for Choice 2, if you enter booth 190, the other artist should enter 189 or 191, and so on).

    Then, enter the other artist’s name and business name below. The other artist must enter your name in their own form in order for the request to be considered. If these conditions are not met, the neighbor request will be disregarded.

    In order to accommodate this request, it may be necessary to place you and the other artist in booths that were not included in your booth preference choices. We cannot guarantee all neighbor requests will be granted.

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